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Recompose’s origin

Posted on 2012/03/30

Finding a name that meant something to me, and worked in English and in French, was a challenge!

I sent lists and list of words to my sister, an amazing wordsmith…and then on November 23rd, I sent a simple email which read : “what do you think of Recompose”? It was just right, and reactions have since confirmed it!

The logo is directly inspired by Kai McCall‘s first drawing below. What a fabulous Christmas present.

His e/arrow idea stuck. Kai proposed other versions, that inspired his children. Marie Prenat, an interior decorator, refined the arrow into a digital image and spotted the right font. François Campagnac finished off the work, getting the logo to match Kai’s initial idea (thank you!).

This logo is a collective work, composed and recomposed with the help of all these talents.

A HUGE thanks to Kai, Kalliopé, Anoushak, Timoléon, Dimitri, Marie & François for their help and time.

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